Adastra Consulting Business Advisor Dublin, Ireland

Adastra Consulting Business Advisor Dublin, Ireland

Find Out How We Can Help To Transform And Grow Your Business Together

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Getting The Business Transformation Edge

Our Solutions - Your Challenges

Are you getting the results you need? As mobile, social and cloud technologies breezed through the consumer market we all live in a very different world as a result. Most companies have accepted that digital disruption is something real and transformation is pre-requisite for survival.

Yet, most companies are repeating the same mistakes! If anything is being done by modern day technology, it is labelled a digital transformation. When in fact, a new way of ‘doing business’ (both inside the company and in relation to the market) is the way a Digital Transformation program properly works.

Truth be known, when it comes to digital transformation, digital is not the answer. The transformation piece is. Over a third of all change projects fail. Company leaders know about their business and technology but, are not transformation experts. There are critical components needed to for successful business transformation but, still companies try their luck without them.

Fortunately, there are transformation specialists who have worked across diverse sectors on complex programmes and projects who can leverage on-field experience to steer companies through the uncertainty of change and realise benefits of your programme, project or, change sooner.

Whether you are looking to optimise current business, generate new ideas for growth or, want to leverage technology, we can guide your business in their transformation.

Building A Case For Companies Becoming Better At Business Transformation

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On Average Irish Company Cost For Failed Projects

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1 : 3

1 out of every 3 Transformation Programs Succeed

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1 : 10

1 out of every 10 companies succeed implemention of their strategy

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Increase in Employee Communication & Collaboration with an integrated approach

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2 X

Double the ROI (for Small Projects) on Spend Invested in Transformation Expertise

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6 . 5 X

A Sixfold Increase in ROI (for Large Projects) on Spend Invested in Transformation Expertise

What You Should Know About Us

How We Work

Supporting You Through Change

From years of practiced experience, we understand how to engage people in a shared vision that results in fundamental changes to their work environment.

We help leaders see and define company transformation guidelines, build consistency between their various initiatives and work closely with operational teams, management, and support services to improve their processes and develop new work routines.

We Will

  • Focus on your strategic goals, or help you to identify them, if you aren’t sure
  • Listen, and tailor the solution to your organisation and industry, taking into account your size, operating environment and goal
  • Create a business environment that supports the achievement of your goal, by engaging the organisation and driving individual adoption
  • Actively manage the project and ensure that both parties are aware of the key milestones and deadlines
  • Provide you with a realistic budget, which we will adhere to.

We Won’t

  • Give you blueprint process to follow: we have principles that guide us in everything we do, but we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution
  • Work in isolation: we prefer to be on your premises, getting to know the ins and outs of your operation and working with you and your team
  • Be the consultants who come in, impose change, write a report and leave: we’re not like that; we think around your problems, help you devise modern ways to solve them – before we start making recommendations. And we’re always happy to provide guidance for the implementation

What We Believe In

We Are Pragmatic Advisors, Inspirators, Coaches, Entrepreneurs

Previous Clients

Find Out How We Can Help

For clients who are serious about taking action on advice. Let’s have a quick chat to hear about your business, what your challenges are and give you very prescriptive actionable advice that you can take and run with.

Simply diagnosing your problem and prescribing a way forward is extremely valuable as there are few situations we have not seen before or, solved for. This is not a pitching call, if there are synergies and there is a piece of work you need help with that will be a separate conversation.

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