About Us

About Us


We typically work with management and executives embarking on a period of change or, growth or, who need help overcoming a specific challenge and require our expertise to ensure empowered business change.

Whether your change project involves changes to technology, processes, market strategy or, business models we can help you integrate a proper change management with your business or, system change initiative.

We are tech savvy and have been involved in multiple technology change projects we do not give so much weight to technology – successful projects have and remain a people business. For all business change, there is a ‘soft’ people-side element for which you can’t rely on IT to get it right.


We are an action-focused no-nonsense independent consultancy that offers the freelance consulting alternative to the more established firms, that is more flexible and affordable for our clients.

As the gig economy for freelance professional services is set to grow exponentially in the next decade – it was the right time to board this train – so, Adastra was formed.

We are intent on doing work that is interesting and meaningful and make sure to give back with our talent to client’s that may not have big budgets but, have big plans.

We work within the context of our clients existing strategy to support implementation and change planning that ensures alignment with strategic objectives.  But, as a by-product of our work often provides insights which enhance our client’s future strategy and investment decisions.


We are not a Strategy firm – rather we work within the context of the existing strategy, helping our clients to move from strategic intent to practical implementation. We do however provide clear operational insights that help enhance our client’s future strategy and investment decisions.

We are not an IT firm – but we help clients get the best value from their IT system implementations by re-aligning them to fully support operational efficiency.

We are not Advisors – we do not consult by doing research, producing glossy reports, maybe providing some training and leaving clients to implement change.



As business consultants empowering business transformation we not only to identify what needs to improve but, also if, required support implementation that drives results through.


The optimisation of a client’s performance is not only about creating efficient processes and adapting to new technologies; it also demands sweeping change in how people work and behave.

Many company executives believe that their own managers who know the business better than anyone else should also be the best suited to make the performance improvements. Obviously there are instances where this is true but in general, managers lack the required operational improvement skills, change management expertise, cross-functional authority, objectivity and even time to implement the far-reaching change necessary.

And the fact of the matter is that people need some kind of catalyst, they need some kind of external stimulus in order to be able to take the giant steps forward.

We work directly with people at all levels in your organisation to guide you through the process while enabling your business to solve their challenges on their own.


We recognise the magnitude of the decision to use external experts for implementing large-scale change in your organisation. There are the financial risks of failure in terms of the investment cost but, also the potential risk of damage to management credibility and employee morale if, results are not delivered.

With so much at stake, company executives need to be sure that the improvement possibilities are real, they need to understand what needs to change and why, and more importantly, they need to be sure they have the right partner to help deliver the changes.

While we always tailor our solutions to meet each client’s specific needs, our work typically involves business situational analysis, diagnosis and solution development and if, the right time for the organisation support implementation and change.


The most distinctive feature of our approach is how we work hands-on with our clients from the boardroom to the frontlines to drive effective change.

We combine the objective perspective of an outsider with extensive operational, technological and change management expertise.


We only propose business solutions if we identify the potential for return on costs within a year of the implementation.

However, our solutions are not only about financial benefits. We implement change across every layer of the organisation and develop the systems, skills and behaviours that sustain the changes and ensure the results continue to grow.