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Many companies have already invested heavily on re-engineering and information technology investments without really understanding the strategic impact from a future logical or future physical perspective. Not taking advantage of horizon technologies can be a costly mistake. However, the purchase of any new technology as an end to fixing existing operational problems – the silver bullet! – can be even more costly. Investing in technology to enhance existing business models often results in doing the same wrong things more quickly.

Every business has a choice to make, guide and control the changes that are happening, or, be forced into changes they don’t want? Make no mistake, empowered business change is challenging, and it does not always fit with all the other day-to-day work that must be done. But, once approached it in the right way, it becomes the catalyst that helps business achieve breakthrough change and drive profits skyward.

It is very easy for companies to react with solutions when they do not  understand the problem but, this causes other unforeseen problems later if, you get it wrong. Oftentimes a company may know that change is needed but, do not know how to go about it. Adastra know from experience that transitioning the business from ‘As-Is’ to ‘To-be’ requires a disciplined approach with an understanding of the overall strategic implications of adding new business value through more effective use of technology. Whether your company is in the earliest stages (definition or planning) or, in the middle to end (execution or delivery) of your business transformtion, Adastra can add immediate assistance to almost any situation.

Core Areas of Expertise

Explore how to deliver a balanced portfolio of initiatives that deliver transformation business change.

Strategy Alignment

Do you need help realigning your existing strategy?

The number one issue companies struggle with is that change initiatives and programs are not aligned to and do not support the business strategy. This is often because setting the strategic plan can be overwhelming or, simply ignored by companies focused on meeting crucial deadlines. However, overlooking your strategic plan can become costly and cause serious problems downstream. At Adastra, our first step when tackling any significant business transformation with a business is to understand the strategic direction of the company.

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Operation Design

Do you need to improve your business operations?

Technology is disrupting industries in ways never seen before, requiring companies to re-imagine their business models and business processes across the value chain. Efficient business processes enabled by flexible technology are essential. Operational and process excellence can be a game-changer when it comes to solving many of the competitive challenges that companies face today. At Adastra, we have deep capabilities and experience working with clients across all aspects of process excellence and operations design.

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Do you need help to manage the right projects, with the right level of detail?

Execution can either be a pain or, a pleasure depending on how well the strategy, design, and initiatives have been laid out. Without the right project management discipline and tools, your teams can get lost in disorganisation or, bogged down by simple tasks. Without the right approach to change management, your teams might not adopt to changes. Without the right team – initiatives can fail to meet their objectives. At Adastra, we ensure that initiative execution and transformation piece is managed.

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Do you need help with your software implementation?

Technology can greatly enhance customer service, boost sales and streamline all business practices. Companies using emerging technology and digital to  improve business effectiveness and efficiency, now understand that process excellence initiatives are the top priority for their business before technology selection. At Adastra, we focus on business process reengineering (BPR) to define and optimise business processes to align with companies strategy goals and future technology for faster software implementation, later.

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